Teething & the sprouting of her first tooth.

by - Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yesterday, we discovered that Adrienne's first tooth has decided to make it's debut! I was wondering why it was occasionally painful when feeding time came around these past few days and didn't think anything of it. So, we were all very surprised when we felt and saw a small portion of her tooth sticking out.

I'm so excited! Adrienne's been one lean mean droolin machine since she was three months old. & Now just one week shy of turning six months old, she's obviously been making some major progress.

I've always hear about how "awful" the teething process can be, but I must say my little ladies been taking it with great stride. She's seriously been such a happy baby since day one, so I've never had any doubts with her reaching any great milestone. Whenever she shows any signs of becoming fussy, we either give her a teether, her binky, or her fresh food feeder that gets filled up with little pieces of ice (every new mama should get their little one one of these, their a life saver!).

I'm not a fan of orajel for the fact that their product numbs their whole entire mouth, however I did come across an organic version that doesn't numb the area at all which I will be taking into some serious consideration.

Other then that, we haven't had to go to any extreme's when it comes to teething. & will be looking forward to the first toothy smile I can catch on camera.

As for everyone else, when did your little one's first tooth start to come in and what remedies have you found helpful?
I would love to hear all of your thoughts!

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