Nap Time and my Sanity.

by - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naps are a time of the past in this household and sure has been for a few months now. I would say the problem started creeping up on us around four months. The usual three hour or more naps were seeing their way out the door and were being replaced with one occasional
forty five minute nap, if we were lucky.

Sure she sleeps straight through the night for a good solid nine hours, but come on. Does that really mean nap time is already gone? I read in one of my parenting magazines that several small sweet naps were good for you're babies developmental skills. Adrienne sure isn't behind on anything, but it would still make me feel a tad better if she napped more.

Plus, I might also feel like I can get a lot more accomplished throughout the day.
Does anyone else deal with a little energizer bunny like ours? If so, do you have any secrets to helping you're little one sleep.

She tends to get quite cranky when she's due for a nap, but she just fights it until she's wide awake again. I rock her, keep the lights dim, sing, read, rub her back, and keep things nice and calm. Heck, it almost puts me to sleep half the time. I'm not about to complain though because Adrienne is seriously the sweetest and happiest little baby I've ever seen. It just gets frustrating at time seeing our little one so sleepy and not being able to get her to go down.

Is this just her age? Do most babies that sleep straight through the night not nap as much as others? Please feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear you're thoughts.

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