Monday Ramblings.

by - Monday, October 04, 2010

Adrienne has officially been pulling herself up onto everything (with my supervision, of course) so we decided it was time to lower her crib to keep this wild little lady safe and sound.

-Upgraded to some 6+ month pacifiers since we were due for some new one's and the NUK one's we chose have animal faces on them, love it!

-Oh and that unbelievably adorable hat you see to the right is the newest addition to her winter wardrobe, I just had to snap some pictures of her in it right away.

-Some other new and exciting things she's been doing lately is rocking back and forth whenever she's on her hands and knees, so I'm starting to think she's in the process of crawling soon. Yay!
Every time I put her down to play, she scoots herself in a full circle.
& Has finally found Tator to be a comical genius through her eyes, she can't stop petting him/gazing at him from a far/and laughing hysterically at him when he plays with one of his toys.

Her baptism was this past Sunday, we ended up getting a flat tire five miles from the church in the middle of a down pour so that wasn't fun. I definitely had some anxiety waiting in the car with Adrienne while the hubster took care of things with all of the semi trucks that were passing us. However, it ended up being a truly beautiful ceremony and I'm so thankful we were able to do so this past weekend.

Last but not least, my lovely other half left yesterday evening for Va to take a temp job that pays better then what has been lined up here. Which means things will definitely be rough without him for the next two months, but I know it's worth it in the end so little one and I will be spending plenty of quality time with Nana:)

Hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend/Mondayy!

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