Possible Food Allergy, So.Not.Cool.

by - Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oh boy, we might be experiencing a food allergy already! So far we've tried sweet potatoes, pears, peas, apples, bananas and decided to embark on carrots two days ago. Well, the second day I gave them to her I noticed she had three little pink dots on her shoulder and then a few on her chin/cheek area.

Our whole family has a milk allergy so the doctor told me to watch out for her to possibly get a little rash when he eventually did introduce something other then my own milk. So, since she told us to watch for that I'm assuming she might be allergic to carrots. Just to be safe, I stopped giving them to her right away so we could see if the rash went away or not. It's still here today, so I plan on doing some research in my baby books later on. In the meantime, do any of you know if it sounds like she is allergic or if it might just be something else.

Would love to hear what everyone thinks on the situation!

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