8 months old and crawling like a mad woman.

by - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I can not believe our little girl is 8 months old today. Every month just keeps only flying by, it's amazing to watch her grow so much. It still hasn't hit me that she'll be turning one in only four months now. & at this rate, those four months will go by in a flash. Especially since the holidays are coming up!

We don't know any of her stats since she isn't due for a check up until next month, but as you can see she's still a cute little rollie pollie.

As of yesterday, Adrienne is a full time crawler now! She was playing on her mat the other day while I was trying to rinse off my breast pump when I hear a bunch of little thuds, turned around, and saw her crawling towards me. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen and nearly brought tears to me eyes. She's turning into such a little lady, making me so proud:) I had mentioned a few weeks ago she was busy rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and scooting herself a few feet and then getting bored, but I definitely didn't see this coming. I'm just so excited watching her explore everywhere and standing up all the time (while holding on to something).

She also had her first taste of a real snack, those Gerber Graduates Puffs that melt in their mouth. We decided to get Sweet Potatoes since she likes that solid food so much and boy does she love them! Now that she has four little teeth, she couldn't wait to crunch on little pieces of those puffs.

So as you can see, we've been quite the busy little bees around here. I finally cut out all of our pockets for the advent calender I'm making and hopefully cutting out the background and main Christmas tree tonight. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day!

Oh p.s. The handsome one is coming home earlier then expected and we couldn't be anymore thrilled then we already are! It's a good thing da-da is Adrienne's favorite word because I know Richard will just melt once he finally hears her say that.

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