10 months.

by - Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Miss turned 10 months old this month. We all had awful head colds and thankfully have since recovered. She is continually striving each and everyday, always bringing a smile to our faces.

- Loves her sippy cups.
- Will only eat is she can feed herself. Some all time favorites are sweet potatoes, chicken, biscuits, vegetable mum mums, and pretzel crackers.
- Still sleeps through the night, like always. Starting to get herself into a normal routine at night though, since she would resist going to bed in the past and wanted to play all night.
- Always babbling away about something, growls, fake coughs, and giggles.
- Can stand up on her own (without holding onto something), but only when she she feels like it.
- Constantly cruising around the house.
- Took a few steps while she was pushing one of her toys, but hasn't decided to try out walking for realz just yet!
- In love with any kind of kitchen item and will be occupied forever by just a simple bowl.
- Can say Mama, Dada, Na-na, and Baba. Were always working with her to learn new words!
- Loves anything sparkly, bath time, and mickey mouse clubhouse.
- & will climb into just about anything, hence the picture above:)

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