11 months old.

by - Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little miss turned 11 months old yesterday! She's been fighting off the sniffles and a low grade fever again, poor thing just can't seem to shake it off. So, we spent yesterday in bed with plenty of snuggles and tlc.

We've got a month before her 1st birthday, HOLY COW! SERIOUSLY? I'm still in shock just thinking about it! It's emotional and a tad sad, but I am absolutely thrilled for her to turn one. As each day goes on, she's blossoms into such a cute little lady and I love watching her grow.

I've been putting together an inspiration board for her 1st birthday (mostly so I can remember the sources of what presents we need to order for her) on polyvere and will be posting that soon so you all can check it out.

Fun Facts:

* You can say mama, dada, na-na, ba-ba, hey, and we've been trying to get you to say buh-bye and uh-oh.
* You are constantly puckering your lips and look like you want to whistle. I think since you can use your flute on your on that you've been trying to do that without it now.
* You've started to clap a little bit when you get excited.
* Your always standing up on your own, without holding onto anything. However you would much prefer to just crawl around, which is quite alright!
* You can walk while pushing your little car across the room, but you haven't shown an interest in letting go just yet. But we think you'll catch within the next month or so!
* You really like to dance and bounce up and down whenever your sitting, which ends up making you scoot across the room.
* You are doing so much better with eating food for us, you absolutely love eating real food instead of that mushy baby stuff.
* You still sleep straight through the night, like always. We've been waiting for you to get over this little cold so we can get you on a better night time routine though.
* You can't stand getting your nose cleaned or having to sit in any type of shopping cart.
* You understand the word no and like to shake your head back and forth.

Happy 11 Months!:D

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