Let me introduce myself.

by - Friday, April 01, 2011

That's Me (and yeah, I like to rock a mustache every time and again):

The Mister (he's pretty handsome, am i right?):

 Little Miss (oh, how i can never get enough of her<3):

Tator Tot (what a lovable/faithful little guy):

My Shop (we sell lots of pretties!):

I am, the following: craft enthusiast. workout guru. full time mama. sunshine powered. cooking failure. reality tv junky. gossip mag obsessive. diy hunter. flea market scavenger. beach loving. travel hogging. adventure seeking. comedic genius. engaged loving gal.

The Pepper & Her Pups: is the perfect place for my creative soul. where i can leave bits and pieces of my favorites from around the web. where i can share my daily stay at home mama life. where i can capture and forever keep every precious milestone our daughter reaches. where i can show off my accessories and grow my business. where i can connect and befriend all of you beautiful women in this bloggy world.


Other places to find me:

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

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