Steppin Out Saturday; Week 1

Saturday, November 12, 2011

 Mama: Sweatshirt-Hollister. Coat-Aero. Jeans-Hollister.
Adrienne: Sweatshirt-Walmart. Pants-Vintage. Boots-Sears. Jacket-Hand me down, not sure.

Christmas in Volant was this weekend and since its just a short distance from town, we thought it'd be a wonderful activity to take Adrienne too. Santa was walking around the small town, a table filled with diy headbands, homemade donuts and so many other sweets, a live band, and plenty of Christmas music to get everyone into the holiday spirit! We walked around and ventured in quite a few of their shops, picking up some treats for Tators stocking and some vintage blocks to spell out Adrienne's name. We ended the day with lunch at this cute little restaurant tucked back behind a few shops (my all time favorite restaurant closed, so this was the next best thing), with a few tantrums while waiting for our food, and being completely satisfied by their chocolate volcano cake. So stinkin' good!
 Hope everyone else had an awesome Saturday!

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