20 Days of Christmas: Love.Life.Babies.

by - Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome to our 20 Days of Christmas! I'm so excited to bring you all this awesome guest post from Steph over at LoveLifeBabies. Check it out:)

hi! i'm stephanie from love. life. babies. i'm so excited liz asked me to guest blog. i'm sure you're all just as amazing as her so thank you for letting me into your world today!

ok, so here is what i hope will be a helpful holiday tip and maybe keep you out of trouble with "certain" family members. {wink}

christmas is literally just around the corner. and with that {for most} comes family. lots and lots of family. for some {such as myself} this is a wondrous thing. but for many it's a confrontation/ruckus/melt-down waiting to happen. 

growing up as a pastors kid and now working for a church i have been able to refine a certain tool that i believe will help you interact with your family over the christmas season. 

are you ready for it? 


listening is a lost art. 
most people know how to talk your ear off right onto the floor
but listening? yeah, not so much. 

not being listened too can be extremely frustrating and hurtful to most people. who are we kidding all people. no one likes to be ignored, brushed to the side, or made to feel like they aren't worth a few seconds of your time.

but guess what. you have the power to give one of the best gifts this christmas season. 

the gift of making someone feel important, valued and loved,
 the gift of listening

so here are a few tips on how to be a better listener this christmas season:

1. look at who you're talking to. 
{there's nothing worse than conversing with someone who looks at everything in the room but you.}  
2. ask a questions.
{instead of just thinking of the next thing you're going to say the whole time you're "listening" ask a question that will cause the other person to dig even deeper into the conversation.} 

3. be aware of your body.
{body language many times say's more then what's coming 
out of our mouth. hello! if you sit across from someone with your arms crossed, yawning every 5 seconds and resting your head on your fist because you're about to fall asleep any second, that person will pick up on it.
 so nod your head in agreementsit up straight and again 
look. them. in. the. eyes. !!!!

i'm not saying following these few steps will give you a "jersey shore-drama free" christmas.
 but i think you'd be surprised how even the most annoying, self-centered, bizarre family members might get a little less under your skin if you take a deep breath and give the gift of listening.  


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