20 Days of Christmas: A Year In Review.

by - Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 has been good to us, with plenty of changes and new adventures. I can't wait for 2012, as the years keep getting more and more exciting ad they pass by.

January started off wishing Adrienne a happy 10 months and getting a head start putting together inspiration for her first birthday blowout.

February was filled with lots of love, just in time for our special Valentines date. Oh, and of course breaking our camera (since I'm an incredible klutz when it comes to electronics!).

We celebrated Adrienne's first birthday in March, took our first trip to chuck e' cheese, starting spending plenty of time at the park, and watching her walk on her own like a big girl!

I continued to get my tan on (oh, how I miss being that dark!), Richard turned 25, we finally were able to rock some baby pig tails and saw the Easter Bunny and Mother Goose.

We were completely swamped with moving into our new (temporary) house so I was not a faithful blogger at the time.

June was spent celebrating Nana's birthday, Tator Tot turning 2, venturing to local yard sales/flea markets, and starting my 30 Day Shred.

We took Adrienne to Deer Park for the second year in the row (it's a little family tradition we carry on in the summer months), I celebrated my 21st birthday with some tasty legal bahama mamas and a baby free trip to Pittsburgh with the mister to visit old friends and tour the Carnegie Science Center.

August was spent outside, going on long walks that involved carrying Tator underneath the stroller. Enrolling in college classes for web design, and getting a new play set for outside and finding two faint little lines again on that so called pee stick.

September started with a trip to Christmas Land (since our town apparently thinks its normal to set outings like this up so stinkin' early), finding our new found love for wearing mamas clothes around her head. Oh and we can't forget Adrienne's half birthday!

Trick or treating at the mall, where a little boy dressed as the piggy from toy story kept trying to steal Adrienne's candy. Switching our Halloween costume from a ballerina bear to a completely decked out ballerina and beating the sucky weather to trick or treat for the first time around Nana's neighborhood. 

November was spent taking a special trip to Volant for their annual Christmas festivities, enduring our first black friday extravaganza at walmart (while leaving the babes at home, of course!) & having our car break down and having to treck it by foot everywhere:/

To knock it all of, we carried out the last of our Christmas shopping all throughout the month (just finished the other day. Srsly, deals on clothes are 10000 x better right before christmas then on black firday, so don't be fooled ladies!). Spent many of nights curled up as our little family, watching the many Christmas movies on tv and sipping on hot cocoa. 

I can't believe it's will be Christmas Eve tomorrow and then Christmas AND new years! Oh, how the time seriously has flown by! I'm so excited to see Richard and Adrienne's face when they see the goodies I got for them this year and to hopefully be getting my school refund check in the next week or so (we've been waiting, very impatiently I should say for this to arrive so we can move again, start saving for North Carolina, and prepare for this little guy to arrive in April!). Hellllo 2012:)

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