Our week in cell phone pics.

by - Saturday, December 10, 2011

We've had a busy week so far folks! There's been a lot of snuggles, yo gabba gabba jammin, and late night posts to pre-schedule for our 20 Days of Christmas (sure hope you all have been following along so far!)

I'd say we lost Richard a good 20 times throughout Macy's, that little speed devil! I think he was off looking at presents for us since that's the only time he's ever M.I.A. when a shopping excursion arises, otherwise he's right next to me the whole time trying to look half excited oh so ready to leave at the drop of a hat.

 Idk how many pictures we've taken over the last decade years and I def have noticed I squint my right eye unintentionally whenever I smile. So.not.cute.

Which little piggy was it that went to the market?!

Of course it was only natural for Adrienne to be the doggie since that's what she likes to call EVERYTHING! I'm glad she's constantly learning new words, but I think this is one word I wouldn't mind seeing retired for a while. Ya get me?

Oh Tator, isn't he so cute:)

Webcam photoshoot, as usual.

 Web chatting with some friends.

The silly faces she makes, just crack me up!

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