by - Monday, December 05, 2011

I hope you guys haven't forgotten about our 20 Days of Christmas cause it's all starting tomorrow bahbe!!

So to get you all excited, I thought I'd bring you an awesome stocking stuffer idea. SHMILY are awesome wooden coins that are used to show your everlasting love for that special someone. Their the perfect little stocking stuffers for your little ones, Adrienne has been running around the house playing with them inside her playhouse and trying to count them ever since we got ours in the mail.

SHMILY was created by Laura Hammond who was deeply inspired by her grandparents love for one another to pass on their tradition of writing and saying SHMILY to one another in every little way possible (on note pads, on the bathroom mirror, etc). Their story is beautiful and quite sad, which you see it in its full glory here.

So while your searching for an addition to a friends, significant other, or families stocking stuffer then make sure to stop by SHMILYS and show them how much your love them:)

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