Steppin Out Saturday.

by - Saturday, December 17, 2011

Apparently you can't really tell how much it was snowing in our pictures, but it certainly was a lot! We got a pretty decent amount of snow [good snow man building material] all since we woke up this morning and this is basically the first REAL snow we've had so far this winter. So what better way to celebrate then, throwing on all of our snow wear and Adrienne's spankin' new snowsuit and hit the road for some fun. We live right down the road from a walking path, so we headed over there and stopped at the first patch of wide open land to run around on. Adrienne thought it was hilarious when Richard and I got into a snowball fight and it was beyond cute watching her try and form her own snowball with her mittens on! Tomorrow we plan on digging out the sleigh we got her last year and take her on her first sled ride since there's a teeny tiny hill on our walking path.

Hope everyone else is having an awesome Saturday!

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