27 Weeks/Curling Wand

by - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

27 Weeks: We had a doctors appointment yesterday and I had to take the ever dreadful glucose test I mentioned before. Thankfully the fruit punch drink they sent me home with last month, ended up not tasting bad at all.

We got to hear the babys heartbeat, of course! & our next appointments only three weeks away.

I am sooo ready for this little baby boy to be here already. I'm ready to get my pre-pregnancy body back since I feel like my belly is really starting to weigh me down. I forgot how hard it is too put your own shoes and socks on!

So has anyone bought the Remington Curling Wand? If you haven't, your really missing out! You don't always feel so glamorous when pregnant and I love being able to get dolled up everyday, by at least throwing on some make-up and curling my hair. I've always just used a small curling iron and it would take YEARS for it to heat up and I felt like it damaged my hair way more then it should have. 

So I'm more then psyched to have gotten this curling wand for Christmas. It heats up within minutes of turning it on, I'm able to curl small or larger strands of my hair, and still always get a perfect curl each and every time. & It takes me less then a half hour to curl all of my hair which is an awesome factor to have while getting ready with a toddler that's constantly wanting to be entertained.

                     [ Pretty descent curls still left standing at the end of the day, thank god!]

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