Double Strollers.

by - Thursday, January 26, 2012

So we desperately need a double stroller now that were going to have a wild little toddler and a newborn to tote around when running errands and such, but who knew there were so many brands/styles out there to choose from?! Makes my head spin a little! hah

After months of reading reviews after reviews, safety features, infant car seat compatibilities, and so much more. I've completely and utterly fallen in love with Kolcraft Contours Optima from the very start. 

It's light weight (only 35 pounds!), comes in two pleasant gender friendly colors/patterns, has a descent amount of storage underneath, and has an almost endless possibility of seat positions [as seen below]. 

Now if only we could afford this baby with our strict budget. *sniff sniff* I'm hoping for a miracle and to be able to find it online (so I'll be busy scouring criagslist and such for hours on end for the last 3 months of my pregnancy). Times almost running out (since I'm due in April, Eeeek!), so cross your fingers for me everyone!!

& let me know what you all think! Who has this stroller already or who plans on buying it?! I love hearing from other mamas:) 

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