TGIF: Rosette Tutorial.

by - Friday, February 10, 2012

I've gotten many emails and fb comments on how to make rosettes and I thought it was bound time I shared a tutorial for everyone! There are so many different ways to make rosettes, that I will be make sure to share through out this month the different variations you can chose from you create. To start things off, were just going to make simple single rosette and turn it into a bracelet perfect for V-Day.

Needle and Thread
Glue Gun (optional)

First, pick the fabric of your choice and cut several 1" strands. You can chose to cut your strands as wide as you'd like, this is just the size I've always worked best with. 

You can make as many strands for as many rosettes as you plan on making. I went ahead and cut out four pieces to get rid of the excess of this ladybug pattern. 

All of my fabric strands were rather short, so I tied two of them together and then made another knot at one end for my base. There's not set length at how long your strands should be, play around with different lengths and see which size rosettes you like as the outcome. 

Next is the fun part. Start at the end where your knot is and simply roll your fabric around the knot. I like to twist my fabric slightly to give it a little more umph to the rosette's layers. Roll all of your fabric until your rosette looks like this. 

Once you've got yourself a pretty rosette. Grab the end piece of fabric that just sticks out, tuck in underneath, and either use your glue gun or need and thread or even both to secure your rosette. 

It's as simple as that folks! Once you get the hang of it, you can easily dish out a few dozen rosettes in no time! Now I'm going to show you how to turn this single rosette into a fun bracelet for V-Day. 

Go ahead and grab your ribbon, needle, and thread that I mentioned in the beginning of this post. To get the right length of ribbon that I wanted, I wrapped it around my wrist twice and left a little extra to make sure I could tie it once I was done.

Thread your needle through the middle of your ribbon, placing your rosette on top and threading straight through the bottom all the way to the top and back down again so the rosette is secured onto the ribbon. Repeat this step. & then tie off your thread.

Wrap the ribbon around your wrist, knot it (make sure to leave enough room to either slip it off your arm or untie it each time), and you're done!!!
You've finally got yourself a single rosette bracelet perfect for V-Day!

Easy enough to make for yourself, your little ones, family, and friends. You can add a few more rosettes to the bracelet to change up the look of your bracelet or switch out the color of your ribbon/fabric. There's so many different ways to make these, it's incredible. 

Don't forget, I said I would be making as many different rosettes tutorials as I can to show you all of the different designs there are to these pretty flowers. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know which one if your favorite that you'd like to see featured or if there are any other kind of tutorials you'd like to see featured on The Pepper And Her Pups. 

TGIF Everyone:)

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