36 Week Ultrasound.

by - Monday, March 26, 2012

{little baby boy at 36 weeks}

Last Friday we had an ultrasound to check on little baby boy to get all of his measurements and make sure he was head down. Good news is that he was definitely head down with his spine against my belly and his little bum tucked right under my ribs. It's no wonder I'm so uncomfortable with all of the movement he makes. 

He's got the cutest little nose (just like his daddy's) and the roundest little tummy. It was so exciting to get another peak at him and I can't wait to finally see him in person. Only 3 more doctor's appointments until my due date. That is if I make it that far. 

I highly doubt it since I asked the doctor to check me at our appointment this morning after I got my group b test done and I'm already 2-3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. I was BARELY 2 centimeters with Adrienne at my 40 week appointment, so I'm very hopeful this little guy will make his appearance REAL soon!

They didn't get all of the measurements back from the ultrasound so our doctor couldn't make a guess at how much he weighs right now, but they did mark that everything was right on track with 36 weeks. 

The only downside of the whole appointment was a note from the ultrasound that said our little guys kidneys were dilated. Our doctor said that it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad since that can be seen earlier on in your pregnancy sometimes and that they'll just make sure our pediatrician checks his kidneys after he's born. So please send all of your good vibes our way! It worries me a little, but I'm trying not too turn it into anything major until he's here.

Has anyone else had their little one's kidneys dilated during an ultrasound?

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