A Little Easter Joy.

by - Monday, April 09, 2012

(the only still picture i managed to get off her in her easter dress!)
Adrienne; dress- thrifted. shoes-target

I'm not gunna lie. It was definitely refreshing to take some time off from blogging to simply enjoy quality family time. Easter couldn't have come at a much better time. Adrienne and Richard slept in, while I made sure the Easter Bunny had made his stop at our house the night before and got brunch together for everyone.

Once Adrienne woke up, we immediately had to head outside and go on an egg hunt. She took her shopping cart outside with us and was a bit distracted, so I had to point her in the right direction and once she spotted the first egg there was certainly no stopping her! She squealed and laughed each and every time she found a new one, carefully putting each one in her basket.

The sports bottle filled with smarties was an automatic hit with this little gal, along with the mini chocolate bunnies and change that the Easter Bunny had left her. The Easter Bunny did good this year!

Afterwards, Richard and I went on a date to see American Reunion (so good!) as a post-celebration for his birthday while Adrienne spent some time with her favorite Aunt Ruthie. It's the first baby free date we've gone on in a while and it was definitely well spent! Hopefully we can find the time to go out once more before this other little baby makes his appearance into the world:)

All in all, I couldn't of asked for a better Holiday Weekend. Snoozing in, home made strawberry shortcake, quality hubby time, snuggles galore, and family left-overs. Nothings better then that folks!!

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend!

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