One Month StudMuffin

by - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Even though this little guy is 6 weeks right now, I wanted to document his one month update before it got too late.

Time sure does fly by when you have two little ones! I feel like he'll be celebrating his first birthday before we know it.

At one month, we've overcome a strenuous two week stay at the childrens hospital (that i mentioned here) and have been able too finally relax at home.

Our little guy has finally started breastfeeding again (i ended up having to pump the whole time we were in the hospital since he wouldn't eat for me, but thankfully he was able to still get my breast milk by bottle). Although now I seem to be having trouble with my milk supply, which I will be sure to save for another post.

Has to be constantly rocked. Doesn't matter what time of day. We got rid of our swing a long time ago since Adrienne seemed to hate it and realized quickly that we needed to get a new one. Looked at a few different ones while we were at walmart and really liked this one. However I cant fathom sending 80 bucks on something we'll only be using for a few months. Luckily I found one for sale online through facebook for only 20 bucks and I was able to lower the price to 10. Yeah, that's right. TEN FRICKIN DOLLARS. Thank you facebook for saving us 70 dollars right now.

Isn't so sure about all of the up close and personal attention his big sister gives him. She still is a little rough when trying to hug him and tends to scream in his ear. But when she's quiet and really gentle, giving him kisses galore then he starts smilin' away.

He's still sporting some blue grey eyes and dark brown hair. Were crossing our fingers they turn into baby blues and light blonde hair like his sister.

Whenever he cries, his chin starts to quiver and it seriously is the cutest little thing ever. Melts my heart every.single.time.

Has some incredible head strength. It amazes us how much control he has over his head/neck. I guess little boys sure are much more strong then little girls, even at this age.

Enjoys bath time and is fascinated every time the water gets poured on him. Even opened up his mouth the one time as if he wanted to take a sip.

Sleeps for the majority of the night. Only making mama have to get up once or twice to eat and change a diaper.

Zack keeps amazing us each and everyday. The incredible amount of love I have for this little guy is outstanding.

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