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by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

frisbee at the park// post-bath time// new swimming pool// snuggles in sisters blankie// trip to the er {poo baby dislocated her elbow while we were at walmart}// more snoozin// FOOFA! HELLOW HALLOWEEN COSTUME!// hanging out with mama// toddler time// practicing sitting up// more hang time with mama.

Life is certainly crazy around here.
Seems like I've been saying that a lot lately!

We signed Adrienne up for Toddler Time at PartyZone for Kids in hopes she would make some friends. No one else showed up today so she was all by herself {BOO!}. Regardless of other kids, she had a blast playing on all of their bounce houses.

Bought a new pool for them that Adrienne's obsessed with and found a Foofa costume at a rummage sale right by our house. So excited! Will definitely be linking up for High on Thrifting tomorrow with all of the awesome stuff I've been finding lately. Thank god for yard sale and flea market season!!

& Little miss Adrienne yanked her arm really bad while we were walking around Walmart yesterday and dislocated her elbow. She wouldn't stop crying while we finished up our shopping and wouldn't mover her arm for us, so we decided it was best to stop by the ER. Thankfully it wasn't packed and she was able to be seen quickly, they wouldn't have been able to see anything on an x-ray but could tell she dislocated her elbow. The doctor snapped it back in place and she was bouncing around all over the place before we knew it.
Had me in such a panic though, having to see her in pain. So thankful she didn't break a bone or anything else major.

Aside from our minor scare in walmart, we've been lovin' life.
I hope everyone else has as amazing weather as we do, go outside and enjoy it!!

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