Little Bits of Happiness (six.)

by - Thursday, June 07, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness.

[Haven't linked up with Steph for a few weeks and thought it was about darn time that I get back into the swing of things. Oh, how times really does fly with a new baby around!!!:)]

This week I've been loving how grown up Adrienne has become. I feel like I've noticed it for a few months now, but it's really been hitting home hard this past week.

Every little thing she does is just so cute, ladylike, and grow up. I can't stand it! It makes me want to burst at the seams with happiness and shed a little tear all at the same time.

I miss my tiny little baby, but am so in love watching her unfold into this little person.

The fact that she lets me put her hair up in a ponytail everyday [with a cute little bow to top it all off] is a MAJOR deal to me.
I couldn't get her to even let me brush her hair until recently.

Watching her walk off with her Foofa backpack on whenever we go out, makes her look like she's ready to head off to school.

The tender little moments where she listens and helps very cautiously with her baby brother.

Or the impromptu and successful trips to the potty to pee [and one of these three occurrances was while we were out at my doctors appointment today!].
Heck yeah were certainly reaching big girl status with this one.

She continues to amaze me each and everyday with everything that she does. It's incredible to watch your children turn into these amazing little people with hilarious personalities. Just incredible i tell ya.

Mrs Stephanie T

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