What I Wore {Wednesday}

by - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dress; OSAP Heels; Maurices

Lately Since forever, I've been completely and utterly obsessed with animal print. So when I was able to score these stick-on nails for three bucks at dollar general as opposed to the eight bucks walmart/walgreens wants you to spend, I was more then a little stoked.

I'm not a fan of nail polish. The small. The hassle of nail polish remover. Or the very girly daughter of mine that demands her tooties be painted every time a bottle is in sight.

So after finding these beauties, I'm gunna have to say I'm hooked. I'm never looking back. Okay, that might be a lie. I'll still use them occasionally for Adrienne's sake. But I think even she would like to use them.

They were so easy to apply and I was able to carefully file them off so that I could use the remains for my toes.

Yeahhhh, I have fabulous ideas like that!


On to what I really wanna talk about is my amazing collaboration with OSAP as part of their Fashion Bloggers.

That little number you see me in is one of my favorites. And I'm going to be sharing a different look each month with all of you.

OSAP has such an incredible selection of clothes, you definitely going to fall in love.

OSAP. Facebook. Twitter.

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