Zack Austin; 3 Months.

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little man turned 3 months last week! Ah, he's getting so big. So fast.

It's crazy how fast he's been growing. It's so different watching a little boy grow up then it is with a little girl. 

We don't have a check-up until next month so were not sure how much he weighs etc, so the excitement awaits. (check out his 2 month stats here)

Those baby blues are still so intense and melt my little heart, looks like all of our children will definitely have daddy's eyes.

And if his hair lightens into blonde around a year like Adrienne's did, oh I just don't know what I'm going to do. I'll have to lock up my blue eyes blonde babes or their going to be heartbreaks.
Without a doubt!

This drool pool of a son that I have is something else. He drools so much, I have to change his outfit more then a few times throughout the day. I think he might possibly be in the process of starting to teeth. We might be a little a head of ourselves, but Adrienne got her first tooth at 5 months so it's a definite possibility.

He has all of the strength in his neck and does a great job sitting up while assisted, so we decided to pull out the exersaucer so he could start having some more playtime while helping those muscles get stronger and stronger.

He really enjoys sitting in it and will stay in there for a good 15 minutes twice a day, which we all know is an incredibly long time in a life of an infant.

Seriously the happiest baby around. Always cooing and smiling at all of us. Although I have to admit that when he sees his daddy he hands down gets the most smiles out of everyone. His face lights up when daddy holds him. Absolutely love seeing them snuggle/play together.

Might have to move into size 3 diapers the next time we run out. Their starting to get snug already, so we'll see!

All in all, another month has passed and our little man has grown just a little older. Even though he's still so young, I'm amazed each and everyday at all of the new and exciting things he does.

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