Tutorial: Make Your Own Social Media Icons

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog design is such a dream to me. I love being able to create different unique pieces for everyone's little space on the interwebz.

I also think some of this knowledge should be shared with those of you that want to start making your own blog elements.

So today I want to share my own tutorial on how to make your own social media icons by simply using PicMonkey.

1. Click on "Edit a photo" and upload a blank white page. Any size will do, however mine was 910 by 400. Then proceed to click on the overlay button on the left hand side of the page. 

2. Once your on the overlays, click on the given shapes that you would like to use for your social media icons.

As you can see, I used a circle from the geometric overlay.
The arrows were from the arrows overlay. Of course!
The flags and dotted circles were from the symbols overlay.

You'll want to place them as close together as you can to create a clean straight line of buttons.

Then click on each shape and change the color  [I used a different color palette from design-seeds.com for each set for buttons] and size [luckily I didn't need to change any of their sizes except for the flags] to your liking.

3. Click on the Your Own overlay button.

Upload a set of social media silhouettes [you can find a free set, here]

You can only upload one silhouette at a time. Change the size and color to your liking for each one.

Either set them inside of the icons or next to them [like I did for the set of arrows]. 

4. When your finally done fixing each social media icon the way you like.

Click on Basic Edits and then Crop.

You'll want to get rid of the excess page that is left over.

Once you've adjusted the square around your social media buttons, simply click Apply to save the crop.

5.   While your still in Basic Edits. Click on Resize.

Enter in the size that will fit into your own sidebar. [Make sure the "Keep Proportions" box is filled]

Click Apply.

6. Then Click on Save and your done!

Tomorrow: Watch out for a set of Free Social Media Icons [PU Only]

Want to see more tutorials on The Pepper And Her Pups?
Leave me a comment letting me know what you'd like to see!

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