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by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Our town is making a bunch of major renovations and adding some incredible stores and restaurants that we would normally need to drive 20+ minutes to get too. Chipotle and Coldstone are two of the recent openings (khols, olive garden, and a few other "top secret" stores will be opening come this winter/early summer). So of course, we rushed over to devour eat some food and enjoy the crisp cool breeze.

We went to a local Fall Festival and had the greatest time! They had pumpkins big and small, ponies, contests, vendors, food and drinks, free play zone passes, pumpkin painting contest, and a small petting zoo. Adrienne drew that sweet little face on her pumpkin all by herself. Blew me away when I noticed it!

We managed to venture off to another town that was having their annual fireman's sale. Along with finding quite a few bargains, Adrienne was able to see a long line of ponies (their her favorite!). 

Let's not forget how to mention my brave efforts to take the kids to the pittsburgh zoo as part of their RADical Days.

I should of known it was going to turn out to be a bad day when I went to get gas and bought some snacks and pumpkin iced coffee for the road and realized as we were pulling away that I had left without grabbing my coffee. 

Then we got lost due to detours (when we were only 5-10 minutes away!!). Realized it was starting to rain and completely cut out our plans for the zoo, leaving Adrienne heartbroken. 

So this mama had to make up for it with hitting up the closest mall I could find, some popcorn, and a few good bargains from h&m kids.

By the time we got in the car to leave, everyone was passed out (example shown above) and ended up getting lost on the way back home...again. Curse city living road construction.  I'd finally like to ask Santa for a GPS for Christmas, so this ridiculous chaotic mess of a road trip never happens again. 

Phew. What week it's been in our house. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start catching up on some sleep. And some major work out routines, which I've been slacking on. 

Hope everyone had a much more relaxing end to their weekend then we did!

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