Zack Austin; 5 Months!

by - Thursday, October 04, 2012

October has approached itself so fast, I nearly forgot to publish Zack's 5 Month update!
So before another week flies by and he turns another month old, let me fill you guys in.

Sept. 13th- 5 Months Old.

Stats; 17.7 oz and 26 in 

No monthly check-up this past month. However, we had an appointment with his Orthopedic Specialist in Wexford and were lucky enough to find out his most current stats. 

Now onto the good stuff!

This past week we've decided to start trying out solids. I wanted to introduce baby food to him just a little bit earlier then we had with Adrienne since his appetite is entirely different then hers was. We've only tried bananas as of late, but will be moving onto a new flavor tomorrow. So far though? He loves it! And adding some solids into his feedings, seems to really help him sleep better at night. It's a win win for all of us. 

He takes 2-3 naps during the day, lasting between 2 and 3 hours. It all depends on how tired he is, if Adrienne interrupts his nap at all, and how many times he woke up the night before. Sometimes if I can tell he's over-tired, I'll just scoop him up along with his paci and lay him down upstairs with the light off. He is a complete thumb sucker, so he does a really good job putting himself to sleep. He'll go to sleep for the night around 9, wakes up around 2 for a bottle, and then sleeps in until 8 or 9. 
All in all though, I think we've got it pretty good with his sleep skills.

We are this close to sitting up on our own. He stills prefers to roll around or play in his exersaucer, then sit with his mambo pillow. He even tries to scoot his little feet. So we are definitely fast approaching sitting up on our own and possibly the start of crawling. Oh boy, the milestones I just can't wait to happen! Once this boy decides to be mobile is when things start to get super exciting around these parts of our house. I can't wait for him and Adrienne to fully interact with one another!!

We can still squeeze our way into some 6-9 month clothes, but he's pretty long and the way they make baby clothes these days, he's better off in 12 month sizes. I love being able to layer his clothes and mix different patterns with one another. I die for the lumberjack/camo combo [seen above!]. Seriously, so cute! And how about that pumpkin hat? My extremely talented Aunt made both Zack and Adrienne a matching set. They both love wearing hats. Since Adrienne won't let me put her hair up anymore and I'm certainly not going to start putting hair bows on Zack, I will soak up every once of matching hats I can knit out of my Aunt. 
{psht, she even might knit them matching Christmas sweaters for our holiday card!}

As the days go by, those baby blues get deeper and more electrifying to stare into. His hairs seems to be lightening up, so you can guarantee I'll be crossing my fingers it turns blonde around his first birthday like Adrienne's did. Either way, this boy is sure to be a heartbreaker:)

His personality is booming. He seriously is the happiest baby ever. And oh so ticklish near his neck, sides, and tummy. The crazy amounts of belly laughs I get out of him on the daily is incredible. And what possible could be even better then making him laugh? Watching Adrienne do a silly dance move, drop something on the floor, or climb on certain furniture makes Zack belly laugh like no other. Hands down, the most amazing thing to watch her be able to make him laugh like that.

Roughly, another week and Zack will be 6 months old!
Oh boy, how the times are flying by!

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