Zack Austin; 6 Months.

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zack turned 6 months a few weeks ago (on the 13th!). I need to stop posting these until the very end of the month

18.2 oz
27 3/4 in

- We introduced solids a little over a month ago. We've introduced quite a bit of flavors by now. His favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes and true dislike for peas. Aside from the peas though, he's truly enjoyed and finishing each flavors/combinations we've ever given to him. 

- He still wobbles when he sits up, but is always trying to pull himself up whenever he's on his back. He's got incredible strength in his legs (since he loves to spend time in his exersaucer) and can easily stand on his own if he holds onto something.

- His two bottom teeth came in recently! He has a really hard time teething and is difficult to soothe him. We've just been giving him frozen teethers and lots of hard surfaced toys that are safe for him to chew on. Adrienne got her first two teeth early as well, so I'm excited to see when the rest decide to come in.

- He started to do the worm crawl a few weeks ago. This kid seriously never stops amazing me with all of the milestones he's accomplished lately. Were not full on crawling  as of late, he seems to enjoy scooting himself forward/backwards and spinning himself around in a circle to check everything out.

- He's still wearing 9/12 month clothes, but can easily see him start growing out of some 9 month items since he's so long and growing like a little weed.

- Seem to have had a bad reaction to his recent 6 month shots. He got four different shots (one of them included his first set of the flu shot) and had a low grade fever between 99.9-100.3 for a full 24 hours. I know a fewer is a common reaction to shots, but I am always incredibly extra cautious since his hospital stay when he was a newborn.

Two more weeks and our little man will be 7 months old already! As the days, weeks, and month go by it's seriously so exciting to watch him grow, reach new milestones, and interact with Adrienne. Just love them to pieces!

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