KiKi La' Rue Gift Guide Giveaway!

by - Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey Everyone! I wanted to start off our Gift Guide with a rockin' new giveaway from KiKi La' Rue, but first let me tell you a little about this fabulous shop.

With impeccable taste in style and truly fabulous prices, a girl can never go wrong with KiKi La' Rue. Simply, it should be the answer for everything. Where did you get the dress? What about that pinko? What's on your Christmas list this year? 

Simply. Always. Kiki La' Rue. 

Becka is the amazingly talented lady behind it all. The one stop shop for all of your fashion needs.
With truly incredible customer service. Timely arrival of your packages. Frequent deals, steals, and giveaways on their facebook fanpage. And the chance to voice your opinions on what you want to see in stock, there's no other reason to shop anywhere else.

I have to admit, I'm terribly picky about what I like to wear. So it's really hard for me to frequent our mall with zero to no stores with appeal to fill up my ever so bare wardrobe. But, I could easily hands down snatch up and buy each and everything shown at KiKi La'Rue without having to try it on or wonder if I really am going to like it. 

But enough about me. This holiday season it's all about you, baby. So now's the time where I let you in on our giveaway collaboration- 

Enter Below Ladies and Gents! It's the perfect gift to send to a loved one, cross off that ridiculously long list on your wife's Christmas list, or just simply treat yourself to something good this year.

Winners will be picked at random via rafflecopter.

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