Christmas Gift Guide; Tropic Spa Tan

by - Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I've had the opportunity to try out my own Tropic Spa Tan Unit for the past month now and wanted to take the time to share my experience, as well as some tips & tricks!

Tropic Spa has managed to make a small, compact spray tan system that works in as little as 12 seconds. You can slide the system right over the top of any door and adjust it to your height. You want to make sure that it will cover the whole length of your body and won't miss a spot.

Give yourself plenty of time to charge the system completely, exfoliate, lay out something to stand on (and old towel, newspaper, etc), and put on the hair net, gloves, and booties.

Once your ready, turn on the system and position yourself to the best you can as shown in the instructional video and be ready to rotate.

You'll be surprised the first time at how fast the applicator truly does work. & It may take a time or two to master just the right rotation and position to stand in. So don't sweat it since each system comes with enough supplies to distribute 10 full body sprays!

Results may vary within the next 5-8 hours, I suggest applying before bed so you'll wake up with a flawless bronze. Each tan can last anywhere between 5-7 days.

To keep a longer lasting tan, always remember to moisturize. I like to use a basic lotion with shea and aloe, as well as a tan extender.

So for those looking for a healthy uv-free glow this holiday season, make sure to check out Tropic Spa!

P.S. Wanting to make some extra money during this post-holiday season?
Tropic Spa is now expanding with direct sales for those in the US and Canada. For more information, visit their website (which can be found below) or email

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