Zack Austin; 8 Months.

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Another month, Another update. The days, weeks, months go by so quick. Especially during the holidays, I can't believe were vastly approaching his first birthday!

Month 8 has been chalk full of milestones. It's so crazy to see him start turning into such a little man.

He was weighing in at 21 lbs when we went for his surgery three weeks ago, so I'll be excited to see full stats during his nine month check up in a few weeks. He's healed up incredibly well since his surgery in Pittsburgh Children's, with just two small scares that should disappear overtime. We could tell he was in some discomfort for the first few days after, but quickly was back to his bubbly happy self. Were so blessed to have had so many loved ones praying for him and to have such a positive outcome with no complications.

This boy is on the go constantly. You'll rarely find a moment where he just wants to sit still, he's way too busy exploring the house from one end to the other. He's figured out how to walk along the furniture for a few weeks now and has been crawling his way up the stairs (hello baby gates! it's time to be assembled again). It's crazy to see how fast he's picking up on all of these milestones, just like his sister did.

I suspected that he was teething again and what do ya know, his two front teeth are starting to come in. The left one has broke through and I can see the other just lightly at the surface. Thankfully he's taken to teething much better this time around. He only seemed to be cranky for a short time, so hopefully he's used to his little teeth coming through and will be a breeze when the rest come in.

There apparently is a strike against naps lately. I don't know when I missed this memo, but the two-three naps have gone straight to zero. I still lay him down once or twice through out the day when he's showing signs of being tired and can only seem to squeeze a 20-30 minute nap at the most out of him.

He will still fall asleep whenever were in the car, so I can't complain much. Especially since he's been sleeping straight through the night. Yes! It's only taken us 8 1/2 months, but were finally here. We've had a few occasions where we've been able to experience the good life, but it never seemed to stick. I think the lack of naps has been the result of this. He surprisingly seems well rested even sans naps, so I guess he has an incredible amount of energy.

Were still wearing 12 month clothes with the occasional 18 month pieces and are starting to grow quite the extensive shoe collection. It's hard to buy ahead when it comes to clothes for him since he just keeps growing like a weed, so shoes are the only thing I've been able to stock up on.

He's not much of a talker just yet. We do still hear the occasional Mama and Dada so I can't wait until he starts growing his vocabulary. It's going to absolutely melt my heart when I hear both of their little voices talking to one another.

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