March Madness Group Giveaway [Sign-Ups!]

by - Thursday, February 21, 2013

We seriously had such an incredible turn-out (nearly 7,000 entries!) with our Victoria's Secret V-Day Giveaway last month and curated an amazing amount of traffic to all of our lovely participants that I want to keep the ball rolling and put together an on-going monthly group giveaway.

Anyone can sign-up. Whether your a newbie blogger or expertise, I want to encourage all of you to sign-up , gain more exposure, and meet new friends! Plus; there's an additional $25 paypal cash to those that refer the most people to join! You know you can't say no to that now, can ya?

March Madness Group Giveaway! [March 12-20th.]

$50 to Kiki La'Rue. $50 to Target. $50 to Starbucks. $50 to The Shine Project- Threads. Ad Space from all participants.

$10 for one link. $15 for two links. $20 for three links. You can choose what link of yours is in the giveaway- no restrictions for any of the three options.
& YES- you can still enter the giveaway as well.

Refer someone and receive an additional link.
Person who refers the most people will receive $25 paypal cash.

Sign-Up; here.  Questions? Email me; or simply comment on this post.

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