Zack Austin; 9 Months

by - Saturday, February 02, 2013

Written 1.13.13

It's been another incredible month. As the months get closer and closer to his first birthday, I start to enjoy all of the incredible interaction even more then before. Watching our little man flourish and grow each and everyday, learn and explore, constant interaction with his sister. It's all so incredible, making sure to cherish each and every moment to last a lifetime.

You've been sprouting teeth left and right lately. The second set of teeth on the bottom have come through full force, leaving you with four on the bottom and two on the top. You don't show a distinct discomfort to teething, but will eagerly chomp on any given item in sight. 

You have an incredible appetite. Whether it's baby food or small samples from our plate, you love it all. I swear you could eat all day long if we let you. Stuffing seems to be one of your favorites, along with the occasional cheese puff. Your not a huge fan of formula anymore, always leaving the bottle halfway full. It's so much fun introducing you to so many new foods, watching you enjoy every last bit. 

Still sleeping through the night. Adding a small amount of oatmeal to your formula at night really seems to help. 2-3 naps are still seen throughout the day. Incredibly easy to put you down to sleep. Will be interesting to see how you handle sharing a room with your sister. Waiting until your a little older and will definitely be updating on this new experience- cross your fingers it goes well!

You are still cruising along all of the furniture like a pro, crawling when necessary. You've taken your hands off of whatever it was you were holding to stand on your own just a few times this past month. I just can't wait to see you start walking on your own and taking those "first steps". I can only imagine the trouble you and your sister will cause once you can stroll along beside her.

You had your 9 month check up this month- only growing a little bit since last month (when you had to get your second set of the flu shot), but definitely have shown a healthy growth since your six month check-up. Steadily staying in the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference! Your pediatrician is always so impressed by your growth and strength. 

You've come such a long way since your hospital stay as a newborn and we couldn't be more blessed to watch you grow into such a happy and healthy little man. 

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