Schedule your way to a better blog; Tutorial

by - Monday, March 04, 2013

There is nothing more proficient for your blog then to schedule your blog and social media posts. It's an incredible time-saving tool that not everyone is aware of.

With your busy day to day life and an endless list of obligations it can definitely become hard to blog each and everyday. Instead of trying to crank out a last minute post in the wee hours of the night while your half asleep, save yourself the trouble and make scheduling your posts a priority with these simple tips & tricks.

Schedule a blog post;

When your finished putting together your blog post, simply click on the "Schedule" icon found on the right hand side of your page. Click on "Set date and time" for the calender to pop up and customize each to your liking.

The advantage of this option is being able to schedule blog posts days, weeks, even months in advance. It's beneficial to not only yourself, but especially to your readers who are more likely to come back if there's something new and exciting everyday.

I'd highly recommend to start planning all of your posts out [either in a planner and/or simply on your computer/phone] that way you can create and schedule all of them at once on the weekends or on a day you have off from work. 

Finding your Permalink;

I know it can seem like a hassle sometimes to have to wait until your post is published to copy+paste the url so that it can be shared on all of your social media platforms.
However, your post's Permalink can help save a huge chunk of your time and help when creating schedule social media posts.

You can find the "Permalink" on the right hand side of your page directly underneath the schedule icon we just previously used. The highlighted section I have shown is the unique url to the current post you are working on [so, yes this all can be done while your still putting a blog post together!].

You have the option to either use the automatic link that has been created for you or you can click on the "Custom" option and make it your own.

Scheduled Facebook Status;

Once your facebook status is written, simply click on the small clock icon at the bottom of your status update box and customize the date & time. You'll then see a "Schedule" button appear- which you can click once your finished.

A message will then pop up letting you know your post has been scheduled for that given date & time and give you the option to either View Activity Log or Close the message.

If you choose to view the activity log [which can be found under the Manage button on your administrative panel] you can then edit or cancel any given posts that have been made.

You also have the option to "Post-date" a status or even add a "Milestone".

Schedule a Tweet;

When it comes to scheduling a tweet, I highly recommend using HootSuite. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and sync all of your social media.

Before composing your tweet, hover over the white box found at the very top of the page that shows a drop down button and click on your twitter profile.

Now simply click on the Calender icon found at the very top of the page.

An "Auto Schedule" message will appear. Make sure this option is turned on and that you can see the full calender.

Once you can see the entire calender- paste the "Permalink" that you copied from your post earlier into the box that says "Add a link".

Then customize the date & time for your tweet and hit "Schedule".

& There you have it! A few simple tips and tricks to help schedule your way to a better blog.

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