A Party for our Princess.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Written March 9, 2013.

Today our sweet girl turned three. We wanted to keep it simple, like we always do.

Although one of my favorite things to pin is party elements, I don't want to over-exhaust myself or our budget until she has school friends to invite.

With an intimate family party filled with the closest most loving people in her life, is all that's needed. But you better believe I'm still going to decorate like crazy.

Who says you can't get creative and have some fun with streamers and balloons from the party store. I loved stringing them from room to room and leaving a special surprise right outside her door for in the morning.

The smile that stretched from ear to ear was enough for me. Watching her carefully look around at everything with lots of "oh pretty!" and "look mama look" in that squeaky little voice of hers just melted my heart.

Richard unfortunately had to work that day- so we took advantage of the warm weather and spare time to do some of Adrienne's favorite things until he came home.

We went to do her weekend craft, picked up some of her favorite videos at a local library sale, made sure to visit her favorite chicks at tractor supply, and grabbed a quick lunch at DQ with Nana and Kiki.

Richard came home early while we were playing outside with her Minnie motorized scooter, with plenty of cake and pizza you could smell a mile away.

With a sugar coma in tact, she opened presents and ended up passing out the second everyone headed home.

So there may not have been a "pin-worthy" theme this time around, but our girl loved her special day and that's all that matters.



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