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by - Friday, August 28, 2015


I'm the mom behind Loving Littles Blog. I'm from British Columbia and live here with my two littles and spouse. My son Owen who's 7 years old and my daughter Ella who's 8 months. I've started writing as a way to connect with other moms out there. I write a little bit about everything from mom life, littles, DIY and my favourite things. Mostly, its been a great way to journal the everyday life of a new mom to two littles. Enjoy!

Back To School Routine Fun

Really!? Already!? Can't say I'm to sad summer is soon over and school is back in session. I absolutely loved having the summer off on maternity leave to spend with my littles, but mama is drained. This summer was hard work. Owen has been living the life, fun activities everyday, staying up late and sleeping in. Now comes the hard part, moulding him back into the "Back to School" routine. Each day we've been slowly getting more prepared. 

For myself, I'm trying to make back to school more fun. Making it so that it doesn't feel like a chore....Nobody likes doing chores.

My son loves to shop for clothes. Can't say I blame him. We've gone out a few times just myself and him. Having mom/son dates picking out outfits and buying supplies that he likes to get more excited about going back to school!

Something Owen and I have been doing since Kindergarten is playing school. I'm his teacher and he's the student and then we switch roles were I'm the student and he's the teacher. He loves it! Then I get to see how his classroom days are set up. We have a lot of fun. 

Before bed every night we make a fun bedtime snack. While doing that I've been getting him to do his lunch for the next day as well. With little help from me I find that he seems to eat more of his lunch because he packs it. It's more exciting!

The bedtime routine can be dreadful. I always make sure to give myself enough time before the actual bedtime hour. Fitting in story time, bath time and brushing their teeth. Instead of rushing bedtime, always give yourself enough time to get ready.

It's all about making it fun. As soon as we start making it a "Chore" it doesn't get them excited or eager to start. They zone out and want to run away with plugged ears. The first week or month is going to be tough to get back into the groove. You can always take steps to try and make it easier but let's face it, every morning is not going to be sunshine and rainbows. Making sure you have everything laid out the night before and giving yourself enough time in the morning to face anything unexpected, should help make getting back into it a little easier....
Good Luck! 

Keisha Lynne,xo


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