Look at those little buggers...

by - Monday, December 13, 2010

Can you see those three bottom teeth? I can't ever get a good enough picture of all of them together, but Adrienne officially has 7 teeth now (four on top and three on the bottom)! A week or two before Thanksgiving three new prospects decided to pop through the surface and debut themselves. At this rate, who knows how many little teeth she'll have by the time she turns one (three more months now, eeek!).
In an effort to help sooth those little teeth, we decided to try some wheat teething biscuits found in walmart and am happy to say that they sure do get the job done! Their a pretty nice size biscuit, so I always have to make sure to watch her while she's trying to chomp away on it. Other then that, she truly seems to enjoy them and they seem to take the pain away which is always a plus in our book.

Anyone else ever try teething biscuits and have a favorite brand?
I'd love to have her try others if anyone else has any suggestions since she seems to like them so much!

The brand in Walmart we are trying is from Earth's Best Organic.

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