Thanksgiving & A Reminder.

by - Sunday, November 28, 2010

I know, I know. I've been such a horrible blogger since our keyboard broke and I wasn't able to get on here for so long and then Thanksgiving came upon us. Now that I am stuffed to the brim and delighted with the amount of time spent with family, I promise.promise.promise I'll be regularly blogging as of tonight.

Especially, because were starting our 25 Days of Christmas Special tomorrow Monday November 29th! I previously had wanted to start on the first of December, but have had to move things up a smidge since we'll be nowhere near electronics of any sort this Christmas to blog.

Don't worry though, were going to star things off BIG this year with a special feature/giveaway from Lullaby of Love that you won't want to miss.

Hope everyone else had an amazing Thanksgiving and shopped til they dropped on Black Friday.



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