Old toys, new toys, just a few favorites.

by - Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Little miss was blessed quite a bit this Christmas when it came time for presents. I'm STILL trying to find open spaces to store all of her goodies at the end of each day. Christmas morning was very low key, all snuggled in our pjs just enjoying the moment since we knew the rest of the day would be busybusybusy! There wasn't a whole lot of enjoyments with the unwrapping of presents until around the second to last box. Even then, it was more about trying to eat some of it before anyone noticed. It was also nice to see her go to some of her old favorites that morning even after she had saw some of her new toys and let us know she's just a simple gal to please:)

I thought it would be fun to show everyone some of her favorite new toys and old classics she's been playing with since day one.

This Disney Princess Folding Chair is so cute. It was one of the first things she opened, so we sat her in it right beside us and she just sat back and relaxed the whole time (cutest little thing ever).

Since she loves playing some jammin tunes with her flute, we thought it would be perfect to get a few more musical instruments to broaden her horizon. One in particular would be the Fisher Price Xylophone that she enjoys chewing on (exhibit a shown above) and banging on it after a lot of time watching us play with it.

The Playskool Step Start Walk n' Ride is another one she likes to play with all of the little odds and ends, much more than actually riding on it (which she can push herself backwards on and is still trying to figuring out how to move forward). She's still little, so were excited to see her grow more and more interested in using it both ways available.

Vtech Infant Learning Rhyme and Discover BookVTech Rhyme and Discover Book is a car ride favorite for all of us. It plays several classic nursery rhymes, such as The Three Little Kittens/Twinkle Twinkle/Mary Had a Little Lamb and makes animal sounds when you press certain buttons.

   Old Vintage Books, such as this classic: Santa's Surprise Book (which we scored at a flea market along with a few others for just 3 bucks!) is a night time ritual now. We try to read to her throughout the day, but she can always count on a few of her all time favorites right before bedtime. She also has a small box filled with books in our living room to play with that she likes to look at and throw around the room. 

This little cutie gets taken with us everywhere and is lucky enough to get all of Adrienne's slobbery kisses.We found her at Toys R' Us along with another one dressed like a skunk (and a cute one at that).

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