Deer Park.

by - Thursday, July 28, 2011

We headed our way over to Deer Park last week in this scourching heat to see all of the animals. We took Little Miss last summer when she was around 5 months old and had a blast. This place is rather small compared to the Pittsburgh, Erie, and Cleveland Zoo; however all of those are a decent car ride to get there and we haven't had the chance to get to any of them yet (by the end of the summer though, we'll be packing our bags and crossing off at least one of those main zoos for her to see!). Since she's not big enough for the pony rides just yet, we took her into the petting area with our bags of feed and had a good time watching her toss the food near the animals and laugh when they all scammbled to get a piece first. Although, she does get a little frightened when any kind of large animal gets too close; we noticed she took a liking to the kangaroos, monkeys, deer, and zebras. I'm sure we'll be back before they close for the season, since we still have yet to take a train ride around the zoo! Oh, goodie!

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