birthday shenanigans.

by - Saturday, July 23, 2011


My birthday was this past Wednesday and I couldn't have asked for anything better. We had a lovely family lunch date and took a small roadtrip to Pittsburgh for the night since Nana graciously offered to watch little miss for us.

We met up with some old friends, hit up the airport to exchange some old canadian money we had laying around, had our car break down multiple times, quarter drafts were shared and some amazing meatball sandwhiches for one freaking dollar from the lava lounge, mall shopping for a new top and a miniature purse and doll for the little one, and a trip to the science/sports center. Aside from the scourching heat; 110 degrees at it's best and no a.c. in the car no i'm not kidding!, we still managed to have a great time.
                                    [yes, it was that bright out so please excuse our eyes shut in that last picture!]


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