18 months.

by - Thursday, September 29, 2011

This little princess turned 1 1/2 this month (although she's just two weeks shy of 19 months, so I'm a bit late lol) and had a well visit a few weeks ago. She's still 22 lbs and 31 inches long. We got to skip out on her shots this visit, except for the flu shot since they got them in early and her pedi didn't want to bring her back in to get it a few weeks later. Were always learning new words and she certainly still jibber jabbers in her own language all day long, however everything seems to be a 'doggie' or 'kitty' right now. So cute! Her love for purses is still going strong, always insiting on taking one with us so she can carry her notpad, crayons, and a few little trinkets everywhere we go. Picking out her own clothes and shoes is something that's taken very seriously around here, looking fabulous is a necessity and she knows it. Halloween Costumes have already been picked out and we have a few different trips planned out this next month to pick apples, pumpkin patch, the pittsburgh zoo, and of course trick or treating.

What all do you have planned out this month, anything new or fun?

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