19 weeks 5 days.

by - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We had a doctors appt monday and finally switched over to our new doctor. Wasn't really feeling the original doctor we had because of the way she talked to Richard when Adrienne started crying during the appt. It was beyond rude and made me completely uncomfortable, so after our scheduled ultrasound to find out the sex we made sure our next appointment was with someone else.

Their office is right in front of the hospital I'll be delivering at, which makes things much easier whenever I have to get some sort of test done. There's 4 doctors in the practice, two women and two men. I already scheduled my next three appt since their extremely busy and get to see 3/4 doctors in that time frame, but we already decided on Dr. Hurd as our favorite. I'm also thinking about a doula, but want too look into it a little more before I decide. The nurse we spoke too before the appt is one of the 2 possible doulas you can chose from and she was incredibly sweet, so we'll see!

Everything looked great and they moved my due date from the 23rd to the 20th based on little fellas measurements during my last ultrasound!

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