Steppin Out- Wk 2

by - Sunday, November 20, 2011

 Me: Hoodie- Aero. Shirt-Forever 21. Jeans- Thrifted. Little Miss: Jacket- Ae Kids. Jeans- Thrifted.

We headed out bright and early Saturday to our mall for the Santa Claus Reindeer Boogie Bash they were having. Adrienne rode around in a little red car you can use while shopping for only a quarter and gazed at the dancing reindeer for a while, not sure what to think of them. Once she got out of her car to boogie herself, things got a lot more fun! They ran out of bracelets, but she was much more interested in trying to dance on their little stage with the other kids. Later on we went to our towns light up night, which is an incredibly long parade and lucked out on some yummy candy.

Tomorrow morning, I've got to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready, drink way too much water, and then hold it until our ultrasound appt to find out the gender! I'm only 18 weeks during this appt, whereas I was 22 weeks when we found out that Adrienne was a little miss. So hopefully the babies up and ready to give a show so we can find out the big question cause I sure can't wait until I give birth to find it out.

What do you all think?
Leave a comment with your thoughts and I'll be giving a gender reveal later on in the day!!!

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