Steppin Out Saturday: New Years Eve

by - Sunday, January 01, 2012

Our Saturday was spent rockin' in the new years and I thought I'd show off the 24 week bump. We enjoyed ourselves to some homemade buffalo chicken lasagna and two types of dessert, ooey gooey red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips and a jello pretzel. We had our part hats and blow horns all ready to go, perfect for making Adrienne laugh hysterically when she started to get a little fussy. She was a trooper though and stayed up to watch the ball drop and then happily crashed into her pillows to count some sheep.

At 34 weeks, I'm still feeling good and were definitely starting to notice the belly growing. No new cravings, still spicey foods and any type of sports drink. I've really wanted some watermelon, but don't really care to spend $6 for such a tiny portion since their not in season right now. We went to the doctors this past week and was sent home with a fruit punch drink to refrigerate til my next appt in another month for my glucose test. Yuck! So not looking forward to having to fast for 2 hours and then wait another hour until I can get my blood taken.

However, I do get to start going every two weeks after this next appointment so I can tell that times going to start flying by and our little boy will soon be here!

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