Speak my language.

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Toddler language that is. It's incredible the conversation they can have with you in complete jibberish and still be so proud of themselves once their done. hat's all Adrienne does, all.day.long.

We show her flash cards, point and repeat everything in sight. Always asking her to repeat after us. It works 50/50% of the time. Depending on her mood and her attention span for the moment because we all know that playing house is much more exciting then anything mom and dad are into.

"Doggie" is still her absolute favorite word. & Everything is either that or a "baby" when asking her a question she may not know the answer too.

She has a great grasp on quite a few animals and their sounds, just recently started counting one. two. three, will say pwease, whyy, and somewhere around 70+ words the last time I was trying to figure out how many words she knows.

She hasn't started to put sentences together though and she doesn't say anything besides doggie, baby, or kitty, unless she ask her too. She has such a great understanding to what we say to her and definitely tries to repeat new words that we say to her, but she doesn't seem to have an interest in saying any of them on her own.

Every toddlers different and I know some speak beyond expectations and others take their time and just come out of the wood works one day like BAM! So I'm not that worried, but I can't help but be sometimes (that's just how our mom brains work).

So I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts, experiences, etc. From one mama to the next.

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