Birthday Edition [Party Details].

by - Friday, March 16, 2012

We started the day off with pancakes for breakfast and some exploring in her goody bag.

I wanted to snap some pics of everything before guests arrived, so here are all of the before shots! We all know I first wanted to keep everything rainbow inspired (here) for each Yo Gabba Gabba, but completely threw that idea out the window once we spotted these silly little monsters that could easily be a part of the show.

I wanted to make an extra table for presents and plates once everyone arrived for better access to both things.

Balloons! A 20 minute trip out of town brought us the only Yo Gabba Gabba balloons we could find.

Goody Bags full of Yo Gabba Gabba tattoos, coloring book, sunglasses, whistles, and rings. A close-up of the presents table and monster plates. DJ Lance's boombox, her birthday ribbon, and our drink selection (I ended up making Muno's Dazzleberry, but forgot to snap a pic).

A sweet afternoon nap before we picked up the ice cream cake and tray of pizza.

Her amazingly cute and incredible mouth watering ice cream cake with the TWO candle I bedazzled.(Thank to Chelsey for the inspiration!)

Daddy helped blow out her candle. & Then she wasted no time scrapping off all of the icing!

Neglecting her own piece of cake, still enjoying that sugar rush she must have by now.

Time for presents!

Ahh! Enjoying her new toys after a productive birthday party:)

Party Details:

Balloons- Party City
Table Cover, Plates, and Napkins- Walmart
DJ Lance Boombox- Handmade
Mason Jars- Thrift Store Score (Lids from We Love Citrus)
Paper Straws- Little Yume
Wrapping Paper- Target
Goody Bag Trinkets- Dollar General/Walmart
Birthday Outfit- Top/Target. Leggings/The Children's Place. Skirt/Thrifted.
Ice Cream Cake- DQ
Bedazzled Candle- Inspiration from Chelsey.

Muno's Dazzleberry- Blend lemonade and fresh cut strawberries together, add some ice 
(cut strawberries and lemons) and you've got yourself Muno's favorite family drink.

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