Turning 2.

by - Thursday, March 15, 2012

I mentioned Adrienne turned 2 last Friday and although it's only been a short week since her birthday, I automatically felt like she was such a big girl every time I looked at her and still do. It's so crazy to think back to last year at how little she was on her first birthday (here) and continue to watch her grow and flourish each and everyday.

- She is such a daddy's girl! He snoozes a little longer then we do  in the mornings and she'll go upstairs to cuddle with him and smother him with kisses and giggles. She loves to mimic everything he does (hence her love for baseball caps). The way she looks into his eyes is just the cutest little thing, melting my heart each and every time.

- We have definitely become a picky eater. She's got her go-to favorites such as; lasagna, nuggets, pretzels, bananas, green beans, french fries, and muffins. She's not a big fan of meat, so unless we mix it in with mac and cheese or something else there's a pretty good chance she won't even acknowledge it on her plate. She eats three small meals though and snacks once or twice through out the day (sometimes more, depends on the day).

- She still sleeps straight through the night. Always has and hopefully always will. *Knock on wood* She still sleeps with us though, so we've been making an effort to put her in her own bed at night and she always does really well, only coming into our room in the morning to get her snuggles in. So it's just the consistency we've got to stick too since it's too easy for this sleep deprived mama to just tuck her into our bed  at night.

- She talks up a storm. I talked about being a little worried (here) that she hadn't started putting small sentences together and in just that short time she has really taken us by storm. She says "Pwease" every time she wants something, so were working on her saying Thank You as well. It seems like everything we say, she will repeat and were loving this next step in her vocabulary.

- Toddler Tantrums are no stranger in this home. We were introduced to the full fledged meltdowns quite a few months ago. The scream that could be heard across the world, the throw down onto the floor refusing to move, and the attempt to hit one of us in the face when we pick her up. They don't come around as often as they used too and we've been trying time-outs which only seem to work when daddy does it (she smiles and laughs when I put her there), so were getting through it to say the least ha.

- She does great around other kids. Our towns so small, there aren't any play groups we can take her too. But when the weathers nice (like it has been this week, high 70's baby!) we always take the opportunity to head over to the park so she can socialize. She always stands and observes all of the little kids before she dives right in with them.

So far, turning 2 isn't so bad! My doctor said that 3 is much more worse to deal with, so I'm hoping that this year is a breeze!

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