Weekend Adventures; Disney On Ice.

by - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I mentioned a few weeks ago (here) that we purchased tickets and this past weekend was finally time to take our trip to Pitt for the show. 

Gates open an hour before the show and we made sure to get our programs (which came with a rose and coloring book) and let Adrienne pick a little souvenir (she chose an Ariel wand that light up and plays music). Then we got ourselves some food and settled into our seats.

I wasn't sure how close our seats truly were until we showed up and they were incredible (third row from the ice (not counting the small section literally on the ice), Adrienne was able to wave to everyone as they skated by while munching on some popcorn. She sure was one happy little girl!

Now here's a recap in pics. I think most of them came out pretty well, considering I didn't use our flash and all of the characters were constantly skating around.

Before the show.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck,  and Chip&Dale came out to greet everyone and start the show

Nemo's father and Dori were next, searching high and low for Nemo while running into Bruce.

The Beauty and the Beast shared their love story.

Along with the rest of the Disney Princess',  taking us right into a skit from the toy soldiers (I forgot to get a picture of them) and Jessie, Buzz, & Woody. 

Mickey joined everyone for It's A Small World After All

Before Jimney Cricket and the Blue Fairy came out to introduce Pinocchio.

Mulan and The Lion King were next.

Right before the big grand finale!!

The second half seemed a lot shorter then the first half, but it was still equally amazing. This was the first big event we've taken her too and she did so well sitting on our laps the whole time, clapping and dancing away.

It was well worth the money and a great surprise for her birthday (which is THIS Friday!). I can't wait to take her too more shows throughout the years. Love It!

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