Weekend Adventures: Pittsburgh Zoo.

by - Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's been a little quiet the past few days as we've been preparing for Adrienne's party. Her birthday was yesterday and we had a small family party (which I'll be posting pics next week!). In the meantime though, I wanted too post these pics from the zoo last weekend before I forget.

 As soon as Adrienne sat near the glass, they both just stared at one another. It was so cute!

All the tigers, lions, and leopards were busy trying to take a nap when we first got there.

We skipped straight to the aquarium once we heard there was a Penguin March going on outside (we got lost and had to circle the whole zoo before we got there, but thankfully Adrienne got to see a few of them walking back inside).

After the Penguin March, it was absolutely PACKED inside the aquarium. Adrienne showed us her love for fish though (which resulted in us stopping at Petco this past week and getting her a few fishies of her own!).

All of the elephants were inside (and this mama was busy getting her nails filed and cleaned off as soon as we got there). Adrienne kept dragging us up to this tree slide over and over and over again. We had to stop at the Leopard again since he was up and moving (one of Richard's favorite!). & Then it started snowing on our way out.

A lot of the animals weren't there (some of them were probably inside either eating/sleeping where we couldn't see since it was rather cold), but we were definitely disappointed that the Polar Bears, Black Bears, Giraffe, Hyenas, and Rhinos were all MIA. 

Were definitely going to try and take a few different trips this summer since were a short distance from a couple different zoos and Adrienne will be able to see a lot more animals then she did this time around.


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